By: Nayra Ismail Working at this age, especially if it’s a job that requires high concentration and dedication can sometimes get too hard to handle, and at times one may even find salvation in it. While at most times it’s a pain, work could actually be fun sometimes, so which is more the case here? I’ll take you for a tour into the life of a teenage workaholic such as myself and you can be the judge of that!

The nerve-racking pressure - Con

Working two jobs, while trying to juggle studying at the same time gets kinda stressful sometimes (who am I kidding, ALL the time!) Not only because impressing your supervisors and managers is a must while maintaining sanity and dedication but because time just continues to slip from you and at times you can’t even find a minute in your day to relax and unwind. If it’s not studying, it’s preparation for the next day or a meeting that takes up a chunk of your time, or simply your work hours that leave you breathless, exhausted and still very stressed at the end of the day! pressured

Self-Confidence, check! Ambitions, double check! - Pro

When you’re given the opportunity to prove yourself in the adult world at my age, it’s a huge responsibility as well as an achievement, it gives you a huge surge of confidence as well getting to achieve your ambitions and start the ride to the top at an early age. As for me, I’m thankful I get to do two of my biggest passions at such a young age, writing and teaching. As well as the fact that, as a person battling anxiety most times, the rise has definitely increased my self-confidence and made me and the people around me, see myself in a totally different light. accomplishment

Buh-Bye Free Time! - Con

When you juggle that many responsibilities at the same time, it gets hard to enjoy your free time, paired with my goody-two-shoes conscience, it’s a definite recipe for high work ethics and the tendency to accept extra responsibilities. Because when you’re a workaholic, you feel this searing guilt whenever you have free-time with nothing to occupy it so you automatically start to look for something to do to quench that guilt! free-time

The Expanding Circle Of All Ages - Pro

To be a teenager in the midst of young adults and married adults can be a challenge for sure, but it can also expand your circle and get you to meet people that, if you’d stayed in your little teen world, you’d have never had a chance to meet. It also helps mature your mind, you get to have real, intellectual conversations and get a taste of their experiences and more people to lean on in case of difficulties. So it not only expands your circle of people but it expands your mind too, to the point where you feel like the teen life had gotten a little trivial! adult

Older, Wiser, Richer and So Much More Experienced - Pro

As you continue in a job for a while, you get so much more mature, not just age-wise and but experience-wise too of course. Apart from the work experience that you get as you continue to bend over backwards at your job, which in turn goes on your CV, you also get people experience, whereas reading people and dealing with them becomes a piece of cake. Because you’ve dealt with so many people in your work environment, it just gets easier to read them by time, which in turn reflects on your personal life, cause you can just avoid drama by being the bigger person. And of course the financial aspect, however tricky to manage, money is always a pro of working at this age, more money plus allowance equals more shopping and more food of course! experience Honestly, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it, not only do I love both my jobs, but I also love all the aspects about, no matter how hard the cons get sometimes, I know that I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?