By: Nada Mawsouf We never cease to hear stories about how great motherhood is and how tough it can be. This time, however, Egyptian actress, producer, wife and mother of two, Ola Roshdy, decided to let us in on the hidden struggles of being a mom throughout her new show on YouTube, Weghet Mazar. Before the show, she used to share snippets of special moments with her kids on Instagram, which got quite a reach. But now she's taking her experience to the next level, delving into more nooks and crannies of motherhood in order to guide, experiment, and learn. 

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Roshdy has always been able to give us a reason to smile, thanks to her lighthearted sense of humor, now more smiles are spreading across the faces of all the mothers who watch her videos and relate to the topics she tackles.

Why did you decide that you will have a YouTube channel where you vlog your life at home, and not a TV series?

It wasn't a decision really... It just happened! The idea developed from a TV program to this reality series, as I wanted to get closer and real with moms, so that they would feel that someone shares their problems! I felt that a TV program would not have had the same effect, and it would have still been distant from reality, and therefore moms! I wanted to share my motherhood experiences with other moms in the most real way possible, and I guess YouTube is the best platform for that!

How do your kids react when they see you filming them?

My daughter loves making videos and being filmed! We are preparing her own YouTube kids vlogs very soon too! (We have to say, we CANNOT wait to see that too!)

What are other challenges that Egyptian mothers face every day that you’re planning to tackle next?

weghet-mazar The challenges are endless! From nagging kids to bedtime routines, choosing a nanny, to technology ruining the kids’ brains! I can keep on making videos forever, and moms would still have something new to discuss!

Having lived in many other countries, do you believe mothers in different parts of the world still suffer as much as Egyptian moms do?

I think mothers all over the world suffer, but it all depends on how they face their problems, and how they decide to deal with every day struggles. I think in Egypt, we lead very stressful lives. We always have very high benchmarks for our kids, and therefore, we may be suffering more than those living abroad. But then again, maybe not!

Have you gotten real solutions for the problems you reflect on through social media?

Of course. I have been learning a lot since my first two videos were out... Mothers and non-mothers are engaging greatly, and benefiting others and me as well! I also get tons of questions and requests about how to deal with children... But I am not really an expert. However, I will surely consider getting someone specialized to answer everyone's queries! Check out the latest episode of Weghet Mazar