By: Nayra Ismail Winter is coming everyone, and it’s coming fast! One day you’re just having a normal day pairing a tank top with a colorful scarf  and the next you’re unable to step outside without at least a coat. But hey, we ain’t complaining for sure, because no matter how cold it gets, winter will always be our favorite season of the year and here’s just a few reasons why...

Winter chic… No matter what

You’ve got to admit that winter clothes are regenerating and always manage to look classy; a pretty sweater or a jazzy jacket with some beautiful boots is a fashion statement we’re all too familiar with in this weather... giphy378 Or was that the wind-swept hair, the scarf squeezing your neck, and all the layers that make moving impossible, hmmm… layers

Spending more time inside… Oh, and fuzzy socks

We all love that feeling of cuddling in your wooly clothes, wrapping a blanket around you while you read in bed wearing colorful (mismatched) fuzzy socks, winter serenity is one of the best feelings in the world! socks

Coffee, hot chocolate, and tea are your official winter sponsors

I mean coffee is basically an everyday sort of thing, however, is it just me or hot drinks just taste better during winter? They help you stay warm, give you enough energy to get through the day, and are mandatory dessert companions (or any meal during winter really. Oh, especially late night ones!) Let’s not forget the Starbucks menu that comes around only once every year, from Pumpkin Spice Lattes, to the Christmas Lattes that just have us hanging on the edge of our seats waiting for winter to begin, and hello hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows at any given time? Yes please! hot-chocolate

The quiet and lack of traffic; game changers

Now some people may love the city life and the fact that Cairo is always bustling with sounds, and that people are always in the streets even past midnight, but for couch-potatoes like myself, the quiet on the Egyptian streets is a blessing that only few people would appreciate, and the fact that most of the time the streets are empty is a bonus! People tend to go to sleep earlier or just stay in to avoid the cold altogether, which makes it easier to move around in Cairo and not have to worry about traffic, at all. no-traffic

Uh.. Excuses for staying in are now more valid, you’re welcome

Yep, and again this is something anti-social, anxiety-ridden couch potatoes like myself would totally relate to. Running an errand or just going to work/school on gray winter mornings is a chore (as if getting up from bed isn’t already a problem!) So why do it more than once a day? Yes, so if you’re ever freezing your toes off and can’t find it in you to hang out today, just ring up your friends and tell them so, most of the time they’ll buy it, after they tell you off of course lol... cancel-people

‘Tis the season to be jolly y’all

Hello? Christmas! As if all the reasons above didn’t get you excited enough for winter, the holy season is bound to. From cheery decorations in most places to special Christmas meals and drinks to Secret Santa presents (because who doesn’t love those!) The upcoming winter not only brings serenity and lack of traffic but it also brings one of the happiest and most anticipated occasions of the year! So smile and wave to summer and fall people, here comes the cold season with all its teeth chattering, festivities, and most importantly, a brand new year ahead! giphy390