The seventh season of Cairo Fashion Festival hit the red carpet at Cairo Festival City's Amphitheater bringing all the industry's best together and introduced more of what the scene has to offer. The glamorous day, brought by Huawei, gathered designers, retail brands, fashion bloggers, and an illustrious array of guests, including Abd El Aziz sisters,  Andrew Tucker (representative of London College of Fashion) Amina Khalil, Farida Temraz, Mohanad Kojak, and Amna El Shandaweely under one roof! We picked some of our favorite fashionistas who we thought desreved another round of applause for looking way too on point!

Suzan Idris

Idris was the night's ultimate Lady in Red wearing a flowing dress by none other than Mohanad Kojak! If that's not enough to win every photographer's heart, she paired it with red lipstick, white Adidas sneakers, and glittering socks 🔥 🔥 cff7

Ramy Rainier

Nothing says elegant like a combo of fashionable and chill. Rami Rainer's choice of colors and the perfect grey plaid blazer by Malak Ezzawy's Hoxton House was quite the head turner... cff7

Omnia Maghraby

Another grey stunner rocked by the Arab world's Miss Relief... cff7

Nourhan Eissa

Eissa's Ruby smasher, courtesy of Femi9, paired with beige Yves Saint Laurent sandals was one of the night's most captivating combos... cff7

Omar Tantawy

"Glam culture is ultimately rooted in obsession, and those of us who are truly devoted and loyal to the lifestyle of glamour are masters of its history" was how the lifestyle guru chose to describe his night of pure fashion, not much to add here... cff7

Youssef Shamekh

The on-the-rise model showed up in immense style after catching our eyes in Mohanad Kojak's fashion film which showcased the designer's latest collection, Dementia. cff7

Christina Leon

The young fashion designer showed up in one of her own blue velvet creations (because she can!) with red shoes giving off a bit of a Dorothy-Gale effect... cff7

Zain Al Masry

Al Masry looked sharp in a Naser suit which he complimented with accessories from The Bow, Unique Bracelet, and a studded-collar Zara shirt #Smokin' cff7   Photography by: Omar Sherif Saber