We spend a third of our lives sleeping so having the right environment should be a priority. Winter is around the corner and if you (like most humans on earth) feel so attached to your bed that leaving it on a cold Friday morning seems like bad joke then keep reading as IKEA has released 9 more items that will turn your bedroom into a warm and cozy sanctuary during cold nights, and mornings. 

1. Boja Table Lamp

boja-table-lamp Whether you love a quick read before bed or don’t like to sleep in complete darkness, this lamp, made of braided bamboo, won’t disappoint.

2. Brimnes Day Bed frame with drawers

brimnes-day-bed-frame-with-drawers-white A cluttered bedroom could be another reason a lot of people don’t get the right amount of sleep in a day, especially if the room is not spacious. This day bed offers the perfect combination of practicality and comfort.

3. Brimnes bed frame with storage

(Multiple values)Photorepro: 1 Adam B

(Multiple values)Photorepro: 1 Adam B

We all know what a nightmare an under-the-bed-clutter could be, and it seems like every time we muster up the courage to organize it, it only gets worse. The storage under this bed provides a number of compartments so you can REALLY have an organized space.

4. Vilborg curtains beige

vilborg-curtains-beige “Dark inhibits the brain’s biological clock,” says Dr. Yan-Go. It’s how your brain knows that it’s time to sleep. These densely woven curtains provide the perfect atmosphere for a good night's sleep.

5. Hemnes Shelving Unit

hemnes-shelving-unit-white These would pretty much work anywhere in your home, especially if you have a big family. Seeing items that are usually scattered on your tables and floor sitting up nicely in one place can do wonders to your mood!

6. Brimnes Chest of drawers

brimnes-chest-of-drawers-white This one will end the days of endlessly searching for your socks and under-shirts on a rushed morning. It could also double up as a nightstand #hallelujah

7. Trysil Wardrobe

trysil-wardrobe-white Smaller wardrobes can be life savers when you fill them up with your most-used items. This one also has a sliding mirror and an option to add lighting, how convenient?

8. Skubb storage case

skubb-storage-case-white These could be home to your sheets, duvets, scarves, socks, belts, and much more!

9. Skubb box with compartments

skubb-box-with-compartments-white Divide the mess and still be able to see where everything is!

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