By: Maria Farag My country screamed in unison and victory for Donald J. Trump’s win. ‘Thank God it wasn’t Clinton’ my parents yelled ever so proudly around the house. I heard the same screams erupt within me, but they weren’t the same screams that you heard as you passed by an Ahwa on a day where there was an Ahly VS Zamalek match going on. No, these ones were different. As a feminist, a woman-to-be, a human rights activist and a citizen of the world, I am devastated. But most of all? I am terrified. I am not one who is easily shaken. I do not fear presidents with big mouths and empty promises; I do not fear presidents with lies and skeleton closets. I fear something far greater: hate. I fear the hate that is so easily ignited; I fear the hate that can so easily divide us. The hate that so easily feeds on the fear that lives in so many people’s hearts, the one that constantly prevents us from getting past our differences and seeing each other for what we all really are: humans. Martin Luther King Jr. once awoke with a dream, and today it will not die. I refuse to let it. Everything I believe in is built on the very foundation of love, and though some may call that naïve, I see it as the bigger picture. My dearest Egyptian brothers and sisters (and everyone else), I write this article today for one reason and one reason only. I write to ask you to live your life with open eyes, do not get sucked into the cycle of hate that politics wants you involved in. Politics has always and will always be a game full of lies. Maya Angelou once bravely stated that though hate has caused a lot of problems, it has not solved one yet. Do not think this time will be different. Take this election, even if it isn’t yours, as an example. Don’t you dare let presidents or anyone with malice in their hearts divide us. Let’s love each other. Love the good and the bad. Love the people with different political views, love the people with different colour skin, and love the people with different religions. Go out there and love people unconditionally. Hell, even love the people who wish harm against you. God knows it’s all any of us can really do at this point.