By: Malak Sekaly Boys will be boys… a sentence I hear almost every time a bad incident occurs with a male. “He’s a boy,” they say, “what do you expect?” they ask, “you should’ve seen this coming.” It’s almost as though being a male grants a gender the permission to make mistakes. Whether it’s leaving things behind, being indifferent, or breaking hearts, you should’ve expected it because they're "boys". This problem has no origin, yet it has taken the globe swiftly, with parents in almost every culture convincing males they are not judged as harshly, and convincing women that mistakes should be expected from the opposite sex. Unless it’s in a negative connotation, a "girls will be girls" statement is also society's reminder that being emotional (or possessing other "female" qualities for that matter) is not what it's looking for in a human, it's obviously not regarded as an excuse, but rather as a flaw that women need to rid themselves of. I’m not sitting here whining, wishing I were a boy, just that we as a society stop making excuses for some people's irresponsible behavior. Genuinely, how am I supposed to react when I’m advised by guys to “never believe what a guy tells me?”, “he’s a guy, what do you expect?” In all honesty, I expect people to own up to their mistakes, and for a gender to stop being the reason someone messes up. I also expect people to realize that we can't make such a form of generalization and be sure that our verdict applies to everyone as it certainly wouldn't.  We all mess up, that's a fact. Nevertheless, women and girls have not yet made a similar global impression. This is not a ‘women are better’ article, more than it is a ‘I’m so sick of some people making excuses for their behavior expecting others to deal with it’ one. This might seem like a minor problem to a lot of people around us, one that we take for granted and almost never look into its base or repercussions, yet it is an indirect and shamefully outrageous form of gender inequality that everyone should consider and redefine.