By: Engy Mohamed Anniesa Hasibuan has managed to put everyone who dared say veiled women can’t have style to shame when she made history on the runway using her very own collection sported by women in hijab during New York Fashion Week. rw
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Aside from being the first Indonesian designer to feature her designs at a New York Fashion Week venue, she was also the first designer to integrate the hijab in every single outfit. The beyond powerful statement thus earned her a standing ovation from the dominantly non-Muslim audience as she bravely knocked down any preconceived notions or prejudices about Muslim women. This is certainly not new territory for the designer, however, having participated in New York Couture Fashion Week twice (and even winning Best Designer in 2015), and previously taken part in the Westfield Festival in London that same year where she showcased some of her earlier designs. Hasibuan divulged that the inspiration for her collection was mostly influenced by where she came from; her hometown, Jakarta. "I want to bring the Indonesian name to the fashion world, and use my clothes to introduce people to the different and diverse parts of Indonesia,” she told the Jakarta Post.

Introducing...D'Jakarta for @nyfw This time, Anniesa Hasibuan is back to NYC with D'Jakarta, the latest collection depicting colorful and vibrant world of this cosmopolitan city. Famously known for its unique styles reflecting the rich cultural diversity, this Capital of Indonesia inspires Anniesa to once again present another remarkable face of Indonesian stunning ethnic mosaics. For the patterns, Anniesa uses printing techniques for belt and batik to add the Indonesian touch and her bold signature characters. As for the colors, earthy tone combined with gold, green and peach, will dominate these intricate designs. Anniesa Hasibuan is again collaborating with WARDAH make up art, which is the original cosmetic from Indonesia. Sharing the same vivid vision and mision, both Anniesa Hasibuan and Wardah are proud to show the beauty of Indonesia to the world. NYFW the show for Spring Summer 2017 Collections at The Dock, Skylight Moynihan Station NY, 8 PM. #AnniesaHasibuan #AHforNYFW #AHdjakarta #DJakarta #NYFW #NYFWtheshow #NewYorkFashionWeek #NYFW #AnniesaHasibuanOfficial #AnniesaHasibuanDaily #wardah #cantikdarihati #AnniesaHasibuanXWardah #ldjprodnyc #imgmodels

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  Perhaps Anniesa has just given fashion a whole new meaning and significance when she demonstrated just how influential it can actually be. It can single-handedly make or break a stereotype, and has the ability to revamp people’s understanding of the ever-evolving cultures around the world, "while many think fashion is frivolous, I believe in the power of fashion," she disclosed on her blog. "It's just one of the outlets in which we make a cultural shift in today's society to normalize hijab in America… to break down stereotypes and demystify misconceptions. Last nights' show was a huge leap in that direction", she described the experience. Anniesa Hasibuan made an appearance down the runway wearing one of her very own designs with her now signature hijab as the show came to a close.