By: Nada Mawsouf As Egyptians, we seem to be paranoid by nature, and we're definitely not ashamed to show it! Think of the times you’ve heard a friend doubt someone else’s credibility, honesty, trust, or love... They're countless. And so I thought I’d list juuuust a few of the conclusions most of us immediately jump into when someone/something proves worthy of our suspicions...

Someone is being nice: Akid mesh lellah f lellah…

When someone offers to help out without asking for anything in return. It hardly ever occurs to us that it’s out of legit goodness… giphy(356)

Free items: Akid nassabeen

You're at the grocery store and a not-to-miss, 2-for-the-price-of-one offer catches your gaze. Instead of rushing towards it, you're in  your own head proudly going like... nasabeen

Delivery guy's late: Akid we2e3!

If it takes more than 20 minutes for our order to get to the doorstep, we automatically assume that the delivery guy had an accident, scattered the food all over the street, and is currently trying to recover the remnants of our 3-cheese pizza from the floor. We never really think about the obvious reason for the delay (traffic *cough*)...


If tant asks how old I am: Akid 3andaha 3arees/3aroosa

What if she’s innocently just trying to remember the last time she saw you as a kid with a lollipop, huh?


Office group picture: Akid bey5onha/bet5oono

When someone likes your husband’s/wife's picture and all hell breaks loose! beykhonha

Hair product commercials: Akid la2

Because all you can hear is “it’ll probably make all your hair fall down”... all-ads