By: Sherif Khairy For survival, leisure, needs, or prestige, people are always after money. While some work incredibly demanding jobs, whether physically or intellectually, some seem to have it incredibly easy. So let us go through this mixture of mockery, disbelief, and advice on easy gigs.

1. A socks/hand model

While modeling in general may be depicted as an easy life, where you simply wake up every day to pamper yourself, take a few photos, and bathe in loads of money. We do understand that there is real effort in staying in shape, looking good, skills for posing or modelling, and the possibly overwhelming pressure of fame. Socks or hand models (something we’ve recently heard about) on the other hand have no need to stay in shape, barely any skills, and never suffer from fame. They should simply… be there. God gave them pleasant-looking hands or feet, and that’s it. hand- model

Even Georgie boy could do it… for a while

2. Maybe an usher

Do you look presentable? Can you communicate? Good luck, you can be an usher! Ushers are paid for contract-based jobs, and can earn at least 100 EGP per day, some even hit 200 or more. You may be treated badly, but the thought of easy money can treat your scars. Usher

What? This is what Google gave me!

3. Or a sayes

The self-appointed owner of a street; the expert of parking; the man forever living on a holiday. El-Sayes comes in different forms, he may be the initiator, this one can innately tell that you need a parking spot, and will proactively communicate to you that he can serve that need. There’s the ninja, he appears twice, once to guide your car into the spot, and the other, to take his well-earned money. If he only appears in the latter case, then he’s a lazy ninja, if he appears in only the former case, then congratulations, you just outran a ninja! Then we have the narrator, he doesn’t exactly tell you what to do, he sort of tells you what you’re already doing. Give him money, he’s keeping you company while you park. Sayes

"Kol sana wenta tayeb, abashaaa"

4. How about a YouTube sensation?

YouTube hosts a large number of talented people that upload a great video after the other. They get a lot of views, and deservedly earn good money. However, there are also talentless people who got lucky on an idea they’ve since fixated on to keep earning money. Take for example, Hydraulic Press Channel, they have a machine that crushes anything, they simply put an item in the machine, and press play. YouTube-money

We getting YouTube money!

5. Data Entry could be fun...

Sit a desk, and type away. You can earn $6 per 1000 words, and depending on how fast you are, that can make you some serious money while sitting at home in your most comfortable  seat, simply typing words. It’s like chatting, but much more boring. data-entry

Can’t chat. Wrote too much today