Bassem Youssef made an appearance on Chealsea, a Netflix original show hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler, to promote his new web series, Democracy Handbook which premiered on July 14 on The show depicts the journey Youssef is taking around all 50 states exploring the different dimensions of the American society in hopes to bring the best it has to offer back to Egypt only to find that the situation there is far more troubling than he had expected. Youssef talked to Chelsea and her guest, MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff, about what he described as escaping from Egypt and how his previous show was taken off the air. The two comedians drew a number of comparisons between the political scenes in both Egypt and the United States considering the presidential elections where Youssef described going to a Trump rally and interviewing his supporters as “crazy” and “kind of like an echo chamber” full of “this fake rhetoric of an empty patriotism”. When asked about how he found the difference when he first came to the US the 42 year-old former heart surgeon clarified that he wasn’t surprised as "sitcoms prepare you for everything" which brought the audience to laughter, then he continued saying "and also I’ve been watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert a lot so I was pretty much well-educated about the American culture”. Watch the promo where Youssef literally translates Egyptian colloquial expressions into English below.