By: Malak Sabry Ramadan is transforming and revolutionizing year after year, but its decorations and aura can't help but bring indescribable zest and excitement into our hearts as we keep putting our own different twists to each of them. Traditions, food, and events have progressed and expanded embracing our change and time. More than ten days have passed (already?) and we keep exploring each corner of our days redress in a more trendy look that keeps us entertained and in the loop...

1. Konafa bel Red velvet

Arabian delicacies, with their juicy textures, nourish our senses with their inimitable flavor. But today, we find them adorned with new flavors. Today we have Nutella sinking into the very heart of Konafa, Atayef and Basboussa. 

2. Sa7el in Ramadan

Summer is officially 4 days away and people don't want to miss their fun Sa7el time, that's why a lot of families spend at least the second half of Ramadan there. Although some people thought that Ramadan would be hard amid hot bikinis and morning beers on the beach but nothing can stand tall in front of Egyptians. A lot manage to spend the first half of their day praying and the second half partying harder than ever. And it seems to work out perfectly!

3. The "Fanoos"

The glorious fanoos continues to be an inseparable image to Ramadan's aura. Only that the Fanous can now sing with Nancy's voice, has the shape of Marvel's heroes, and can even dance!

4. Ramadan's becoming more Outdoor

Family gatherings are now less frequently held in family houses and more frequently organized outdoor. Let's face it, it's easier and not everyone has the time to cook for more than 4 people! Also Sohour has recently become the "it" meal as people strive to enjoy Ramadan summer nights with friends and family in outdoor areas and khemas everywhere!