By: Nada Mawsouf Egyptians, we love adding our touch to almost everything, even apps. App developers come up with the most innovative names these days, mostly derived from things we say in our day-to-day lives so they sound user friendly and familiar (sometimes too familiar) to the average Egyptian. I took it upon myself to find what new and unconventional apps are out there which could help make our lives a little bit easier…

1. Maznoq

Maznoq We more often than not worry about having to find a toilet when in a crowded area in Egypt. The app uses GPS to pinpoint your location, and show you the nearest toilets with their descriptions (where, whether it is for men or women, if it’s suitable for people with disabilities...etc.).  

2. Rakna

Rakna It’s like having a private valet that is always at your service. If you need to park, you use the app to order a valet to come take your car and park it for you, and when you need the car back you use the app again to request it.

3. Wasalny

Wasalny It keeps you updated with the traffic using a live interactive map, audio news and speed measures. Wasalny will try to eliminate traffic from your ride by walking you through various routes.

4. Mawenly

Mawenly Also uses GPS to locate all near gas stations in case you need to refuel or fix your flat tire. I have to say this one would work best with people who aren’t very good with directions, and that’s a lot of people!

5. Bkam?

Bkam This app allows you to compare the prices of the same product on different websites. You just type in the name of the product and press Bkam? then leave the rest to it.

6. Emokhalfa

Emokhalfa The app allows you to report driving violations on the streets of Egypt using texts, images and car plate numbers. It’s a positive initiative to try to eliminate street hazards, I like this one!

7. Dawaa

dawaa It works as a drug index that you can use to search for a specific medicine or find alternatives for it. The search engine looks through drugs that are available in Egypt. I don’t recommend the alternatives side of it though as I believe that’s your doctor’s job but the app could be of great help when you’ve looked and couldn’t find something in specific. Disclaimer, I have not personally used the apps, so I cannot guarantee their efficiency