Last weekend has been exceptional for every fashion enthusiast in Cairo but it was even more significant to one of the capital’s most accomplished and innovative designers, Malak El Ezzawy. She proudly showcased her latest collection at the sixth edition of Cairo Fashion Festival 24 hours before the opening of Hoxton House where her first menswear collection made its debut. malak-elezzawy

Malak El Ezzawy designs on the runway of CFF6

“I have a store opening tomorrow (Saturday), so it’s been a month and a half of preparing for both the opening of the store and for the fashion show. It’s all been very hard. But it always feels great after a show, as it's usually very hectic in the processes before the runway, but then you feel that all the hard work pays off and you're very happy afterwards”, El Ezzawy told us after the show on Friday. malak-elezzawy2 El Ezzawy's new venture doesn't only take up menswear in the traditional sense, Hoxton House, located in Zamalek, is the premier luxury suits and barber in town. The store tackles the concept from a luxurious perspective resulting in a an experience that involves more than picking up the right suit off the rack.  El Ezzawy's main focus for the past years has been targeted towards women and she found the experience of producing a suits collection very different, yet she still believes that the same amount of energy and work go into the creative process of making a collection for men “I thought doing a men’s collection would be easier. It’s completely different than doing a women’s collection, the details are very different, but in a way they’re still similar”.

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Photography by: Ahmed Ezz