By: Nada Mawsouf Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they said. Well, we sure know this collection is definitely ours! Ahmed Embaby, is back with a brand new collection and we just can’t get more excited about it! After his latest collection, Distortion, Dido is making a diamond debut full of luxurious, yet low-cost, items for everyday wear. His profound passion for jewellery-making is constantly mirrored in the details of his pieces, the technique as well as the amount of time and care put into every single one. We decided to delve deep into that spectacular process and talked to the 25 year-old about the decision to work with diamond for the first time, what inspires him, and the things we fail to notice about jewellery.    

You studied Construction Design and Management, do you think the knowledge you gained is somehow incorporated in your work?

Not in the basis of jewellery, since I’ve always painted. But I can say that my dad – since he’s an architect - was the one who taught me how to paint as I’d always see him drawing lines. The various sharp edges and contemporary figures I came across in engineering played a huge role in making me become more fond of the whole idea of jewellery.

Does nature ever inspire you in any way?

Actually there was a standard line that I wanted to have which was fully inspired by nature. I was standing in a balcony on like the 9th floor looking down at the wind, the trees and the movement of the leaves. It hit me and I was like, “let’s use these leaves and do something.” So I’m hoping I’d launch this one very soon.

What made you decide to start a diamond collection?

dido-embaby It’s a new step. I started silver then I did gold, so this is another step to develop the business and make the brand a bit luxurious, also one to deeply explore jewellery, as I started to get bored from working with just silver and gold, I’ve known and learned everything about them. I also wanted to work with colored stones – which I love so much more than diamonds. For me, colored stones are the real thing! They’re even more expensive than diamonds, but unfortunately they’re not available in Egypt.

How long did it take you to make the decision that you want to work with diamonds?

It took me a while to decide, financial-wise, that I want to start working with diamonds. It wasn’t because I was scared of working with diamonds, in fact, I was always ready for this step. It was just about taking the decision in a smart way, because you need a lot of capital to work with diamonds.

Do you export stones and diamonds? Where else do you get them?

It depends, I export the colored ones and any other stones that are not available in Egypt, but diamonds are much more available here, it would actually cost more to export diamonds. I once looked for stones here for a bracelet I was making for a client but only found semi-precious stones, and of very low quality, so I had to export the precious stones from Dubai. I also export from Lebanon, USA, Belgium and The Netherlands. Also India and South Africa but they’re better when it’s raw material, it’s easier to get raw material from there and shape it as you like.

What’s your favorite piece in the new diamond collection?

 The double-ring, definitely! Most of the rings in the collection are simple; single rings, but this one was what took more time and was the reason why I fell in love with the idea of working with diamonds even more, it showed more sides to it. dido-embaby  

Which public figure or celebrity would you want to see wearing your work?

Locally; Suzan Idris, I would love to see her wearing any of my pieces; diamond, stone, gold or silver. Apart from the fact that she’s an amazing person, her features and skin color are too beautiful, and of course it depends on where she’s wearing those pieces. Also, Amina Khalil. We went to school together, I was a few years younger and used to have a huge crush on her when I was in 7th grade. I’d go tell her that I wanted to date her (laughs), she’s awesome. Internationally; Rihanna or Nicole Kidman before I die *laughs*, I loved her ever since I was little, I mean, she’s amazing!

Do you think people should have certain qualities to wear diamonds, or to wear a certain type of jewellery?

 dido-embaby Well, it’s not the diamond as much as it’s the color of gold surrounding the diamond, it’s what makes or breaks the deal. For example, white gold doesn’t really suit everyone. But again, even diamonds sometimes don’t suit some people while other people look better in gold than any other thing; it’s about the skin texture and color. Silver suits almost everyone, unless they have very dark skin. Darker skin colors look perfect with gold. Also it depends on how someone carries themselves, and the place they’re going to.

What approach are you using to enter the diamond market?

dido-embaby There are certain things that you can twist, what I’m trying to do with this collection is make it an everyday wear; it’s not expensive, I’m trying to make a low-cost thing because most diamond shops here are way too pricey; you buy the piece x3 – they take 300% profit! Telling people that I’m a person who just started and that I’m trustworthy is not enough for them, it’s only when they know about the difference in price that they start thinking. Entering this market is very hard as most people deal with jewellers that they already know and it takes work to convince them to buy from someone else. I’m not trying to break that sort of cultural belief as much as I want to build a loyal customer base.

Any funny stories from your customers?

A guy once came to me three times because he lost the same necklace he gave to his girlfriend, THREE TIMES! One of those times he lost it and didn’t tell her, but came to me and told me about the design and everything, but forgot to tell me that there was a date written on the back of the pendant. Later on his girlfriend saw the necklace and found that there was no date and was like, “eda? *laughs*

How can someone take the best care of their jewellery?

I really appreciate girls who have a taste in jewellery that’s a bit luxurious, it shows that they take care of them. Here’s a thing, most girls and guys don’t tend to take care of their jewellery; they think a piece of jewellery is titanium and would never break or scratch whatever you do to it. Silver and gold attract the sodium (salt) existing in your body, so unlike what most people think, washing silver is actually good for it. If it’s a silver, gold, or a diamond ring, just wash it after wearing it with water then wipe it using a tissue paper and that’s it. Also, don’t store all your jewellery in the same box, keep them separate to prevent scratches, and try as much as you can to keep your jewellery away from the dust.   DEJewellery’s showroom will open in mid-June so stay tuned and excited for more bling!