We all have those ultimate moments of stress where it’s basically do or die, and we feel like it’s possibly going to be the end of the world if we don’t get these tasks done. Well, aside from the usual acne breakout and the random hair that’s falling out of your head, here are a few things that could possibly mean that you’re stressed. Trust me, it’s exam season for me, so I know.

1. You’d literally Rather Do Anything But Your Task

For me, I’m the type of person that procrastinates the more stressed I get. I’ll be like: “Okay I need to study these six chapters today, let’s do this!” *five minutes later* “Oh my God, how did I not notice how dirty the floor is!?!?! Maybe I should get up and vacuum it. Oh the world is full of wonders, dust particles and all… perhaps Chemistry really isn’t all that bad!” Basically, you having the attention span of a goldfish could be due to you being overly stressed. Rejoice! marker-cherries

2. Binge-time!

Whether it’s food, coffee or that TV show you desperately want to catch up on; this is a HUGE sign that you’re stressed. Don’t worry; that new season of Game Of Thrones will still be there after you finish what you need to. (Jon Snow might not be though… hehe) binge-watching

3. You Think About All The Times That You Weren’t This Stressed

You know when you get sick and you think about all the times that your nose wasn’t blocked? Yeah, this is kind of one of those moments. Something about wanting to punch your old self for being so reckless, pretty much also means that you’re stressed. punch-self

4. Home Never Felt So Good!

You may tend to fall into a whirlpool of depression and never want to leave your four walls, until you’ve finished what you have to do… which is possibly never due to the first 3 things that you’ve been doing. This is probably when you realize that you have to start getting your shit together though. here-i'll-stay

5. You Keep Making Excuses

Maybe I was never meant to do this...” “I just don’t have the skill!” “It’s too late, there’s no time left!” The minute you start repeating these things to yourself is when you know that you’re stressed to the point that your mind is now working against you. It’s doing anything to get you to quit and put you out of your misery! maybe Don’t think that your body can’t sense what’s going on in your head… oh it definitely can. That’s why the usual signs that we’re stressed show up all over our body! Aka random blood capillaries popping all over your body, bags under our eyes, etc. So now you know that you’re stressed and that your body wants you to stop… word to the wise though? Don’t.