We all have those days when we wake up all fresh and ready to battle the world’s demons. Those days are the best because for some soul seeking reason, you feel all giddy and blessed deep inside and you try doing all the right and correct things you’re supposed to do, but sometimes don’t out of being lazy such as making the bed, opening the blind folds for once in your life, or having a proper breakfast.

This is the essential way to start your day, healthy and happy. Throughout the day, that invincible feeling you woke up with on the inside can be stepped on and blown away as easy as it ever appeared. There are a few certain things that happen that make us feel angry and depressed and just rid the beautiful feeling we had of having a successful day...

1. Smiling at a stranger and not getting a smile back

This is one of the simple gifts we’ve been granted: Smiling. It’s easy, it’s beautiful, and it can make someone’s day! On the other hand, not smiling back can truly ruin someone’s day! It feels beautiful to smile at someone and have them smile back, give you the impression that the world truly is a powerful majestic place!

As for the people who’re too lazy or rude to smile back at you, leave them be, it’s their loss and don’t stop smiling! Bare in mind, smiling is contagious!


2. Politely greeting, thanking, or apologizing to people and not be appreciated

Simplicity. Why is it so hard for people to do these little things in life? You never know how a person feels and how their day is going. And besides that, it’s polite. Why’s it so hard to politely greet a person back whilst entering a store rather than ignoring and scowling at them?

Why is it so hard to apologize when you bump into someone accidentally on the street? Or when you drop your book and this sweet person grabs it for you? And when someone opens the door for you? Why wouldn’t you thank them? These little things aren’t hard yet we tend to ignore them and those are one of the worst mistakes you can ever do in your life!


3. Things Don’t Go According to Plan

It sucks when you plan a day from the start till the end and nothing goes quite as planned. Ouch!


Well, you should always come prepared, if you plan something and it doesn’t work out, always have a plan B! That way, you’ll still feel happy and positive!

4. Losing something really valuable

So, hypothetical situation, let’s say you have one of your family heirlooms, a watch per say. And then one day you walk your dog in the park and head home to find out you somehow lost it or misplaced it. That really is something that would bum you out, because it must’ve meant the world to you!


Don’t let this let you down! Be cautious of your belongings, especially if they’re irreplaceable!

5. Going to school/college to find out that classes got cancelled

Now, I think this is something we can all relate to. There are those horrid days when you go to school/college thinking there are classes to attend but truth is, it’s a day off or the teacher doesn’t come and you weren’t notified in anyway whatsoever! That’s something to get you riled up, especially if it includes waking up early!


But now, you still have time to go back home and catch up on a little sleep! Breathe and relax, it was all just a misunderstanding.

6. Coming Home To No Food in The Fridge

Throughout the day, we all fantasize about what we might have for lunch or dinner when we’re home from a long tiring day! Worst case scenario: coming home to absolutely no food in the fridge!

That’s the worst thing that could ever happen, especially if you’re dying from hunger!


Before heading out in the morning, always make sure there’s anything proper and edible left in the house so that you’re not put in such a situation, EVER!