“Is it Eib or Haram? No difference it is the same.” This is Egypt in one sentence.

Most of the time in Egypt, the Eib is much bigger, and way more important, than the Haram.

The idea is that the Haram has become a mirror to what the society sees as Eib. They have given it an elastic scope that can cover just about anything they do not see fit.

However, this is not true. The Haram should exclusively mirror what the religion has described as undoable and not necessarily what the society rejects.

For instance, it was never rejected for a woman to work while planning on having kids, but it is a Eib in our community hence few people try to stretch its Eib-hood and make it fall under the Haram scope.

In other words, Religion has become the umbrella under which society puts anything they despise or hate.

But we must note the difference and understand the gap between the society and the religion.

I do not deny that both of which are sources of power and references on their own, but one must note whether they are acting out of faith in their religion or out of respect for their community and not confuse both.

I could choose not to drink alcohol – but I have to understand whether I am doing this out of fear of the social judgment and in order to be aligned with the social norms, or am I doing it for religious reasons and beliefs.

What I need to clarify at this junction is the difference between 'Fear of people' and 'Respect for God'. We have reached a point at which society’s rules and the word of God are the same – to the extent that we stopped questioning the norms and the dogmas forced upon us. We no longer ask whether this is debatable or not – just out of fear of being outsiders or rejected

1.     Why is it a big deal to get home late [Eib], whereas it is not a big deal for a Muslim Girl not to be in Hijab [Haram]?

2.     Why is it so shameful to hug guys for girls while is it okay for boys to hug girls, even though both are Haram? Why are girls hugging Guys are judged harder since this is Eib?

3.   Why is it okay for you to hug your fiancé while it is not as okay to hug your girl/boyfriend (both are Haram, yet the Fiancé hug is not Eib)?

My biggest question is – why do we fear the creatures and not the creator?

Do whatever you please but for the right reasons – know that when you follow the society’s rules you are not being religious – NON! You are merely becoming a conditioned, conformed and brainwashed citizen.