We've compiled the 40 most important rules if you want to pursue a healthy, fit life. January's almost over so you better get going, enjoy!

1) There is a difference between diet and nutrition.

2) There is a difference between exercise and training.

3) Read labels on food.

4) There is a difference between lifting weights and training muscles.

5) There is no training program that suits everybody.

6) Half rep = half result

7) Don’t work your abs every day.

8) Rest is part of the program

9) Do not skip meals.

10) Lifting burns more calories than cardio.

11) When lifting a new weight always ask for a spotter.

12) Girls who lift will never look like men.

13) Spot training doesn’t burn fat off a certain area; you burn fat from all over your body.

12) Bulking is not an excuse for getting fat.

13) Skinny guy with a six pack! Seriously?

14) If your diet is making you look good but feel weak, it's a fail.

15) Do not stretch before you warm up.

16) Take progress photos. You don’t need to share them that's up to you.

17) Do not squat on the smith machine. It sucks; it locks your body to unnatural movement stressing your joints more than your muscles.

18) Do not bounce the bar on your chest, it creates momentum and it is dangerous on your shoulders, do proper form.

19) Throw away your scale but keep your mirror.

20) Invest in your supplements.

21) Supplements are not steroids.

22) Crossfit, bodybuilding and power lifting athletes all train with weights, respect who lift different than you do.

23) Be your own motivation, don't depend on external motivation sources, like a gym buddy or a trainer or haters. What if they are all gone suddenly?

24) Get physically active outside the gym, walk, take the stairs and carry your groceries.

25) If you are not consuming enough calories per day and training hard enough then you are not getting leaner; you are getting smaller and weaker.

26) Any workout program can make you feel tired, only a good program will give you results.

27) Research thoroughly and don't believe everything you read on the internet.

28) There are many forms of cardio other than running.

 29) Nobody likes chicken legs. AKA don’t skip leg day, don’t be Johnny Bravo!

30) There is a difference between calories and nutrients.

31) Trust the process.

32) Your body doesn't know whether you are in a fancy gym or working out in the jungle, it only recognizes hard work.

33) Cheat responsibly.

34) Workout when you feel bad.

35) The more muscles you have the easier it is to burn fats.

36) Losing belly fat won't get you a six pack, losing belly fat while having strong abdominal muscles is what gives you one.

37) If your legs hurt work your upper body, if your upper body hurts work your legs, learn to work around it, and don’t take it as an excuse to skip the gym.

38) Your body adapts to training and diet, if you feel like you are not seeing change, then change your workout.

39)  You can lose fat and gain muscles at the same time.

40) Set goals and be your own worst critic.

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Photography: Drop Studios Model: Omar El Sheikh Venue: FITBOX Gym