Let’s be real for five seconds, can you actually think of a valid reason as to why insects actually exist?! We can’t either, but we all know a few people who would react differently depending on the insect around them. Here are a few examples of the kind of people we find around insects!


This is the person who basically pretends to be all macho and refuses to show that they’re afraid of anything-including insects. Everything is going according to plan… right until it lands directly on their face and all hell breaks loose! Cue the screaming and hiding behind others in 3… 2… 1!



Those people don’t even try hiding their ridiculous fear of insects in general. It doesn’t matter where the insect is (it literally might as well be in China) they’re just going to legit scream until someone kills it or until it leaves the room.



This person genuinely doesn’t care whether the insect is up their nose or halfway across the room. They have zero fear of insects. I mean seriously, who the hell isn’t scared of insects?!



These people are like the mothers of the group. They may be scared, but they won’t show it. They’ll be that person that you automatically run to stand behind, because you just trust them that much! #Goals



The one not only do we hate but truthfully fear because why would you want someone freaking you out when you’re two seconds away from peeing your pants and fooling yourself in front of your amigos?

This type of bugger is the most annoying. Not only should you worry about the fact that there’s a flying cockroach, but now you want to worry about another thing, getting rid of the person scaring you even more!

These kinds of irritating people need a stinging slap on the face. Seriously, some people literally can’t stand bugs and I, for one, am one of those people which explains why I’m writing this.

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6. The Killer!

The murderer. This one out of all the types of people around insects is the funniest.

Okay so listen, picture this with me; imagine someone sitting in the middle of their shrieking friends due to the insect they might’ve seen. So basically, this person tends to concentrate on the bug then out of nowhere, whacks it as hard as they can until it’s completely vanished from the face of this planet.

Now those people are tough to be honest. They have the guts to kill a bug just because it simply annoys them. Believe me, this type is very common. Do you think you could step up and face your fear of insects and start your own battle alone against a bug?


By Angie Hammad and Maria Farag