As we near the countdown to 2016 we look back at our accomplishments as well as our failures with sheer optimism that we'll give ourselves another chance to make the coming year count. Last year all I wanted was to put my passion into action, exert more effort than I ever did, and along with a brilliant group of people make this one goal a reality. And we did. From day one, we found peace and encouragement in foreseeing the coming challenges and building a solid mechanism to perceive every consequence. It was only a few weeks ago, during a Spiral team meeting, when we started talking about plans for the new year and what we have on our 2016 list of resolutions. Let me just tell you that there's nothing more nurturing than being part of a team that's tremendously talented and committed to the same goals, it makes a challenge a lot more tolerable and far less daunting. I'm writing this on behalf of every member of the Spiral team, we made it our mission to push ourselves further and fulfill our ultimate potential even more throughout 2016. So we promise..

1. To always deliver

With a hefty amount of passion and dedication (probably way too much coffee as well) we were able to give life to this place bearing in mind that consistency is key. We'll doubtlessly keep putting quality first and work even harder every day to bring out content that satisfies our standards and represents our values.

2. Originality will always be our premises

We took a chance on ourselves and set foot into this platform with the sole purpose of staying unique. Authentic content is the foundation of our potential and will constantly remain our leading and most vital drive.

3. Honesty

If you've learned anything about us throughout the past 3 months, I bet it's that we're honest, sometimes too honest and we do not regret it one bit! I personally believe that it replicates the level of confidence and faith we have in ourselves as a team which ultimately compliments our pattern. Our relentless effort in producing true, reliable, outspoken content will not come to a halt any time soon.

4. Humor

A massive portion of why we're doing what we do is to contribute a little to other people's lives, even if it's in the tiniest ways, by providing a bit of a breather during the day. We're aware that a little humor goes a long way. So don't worry, we're all on the same ship here and if anything deviates from the norm, you'll find us putting all of our miseries and insecurities on display so you don't have to.. You're welcome!

5. To develop ourselves and work even harder

We promise to learn from our mistakes, acknowledge any problems that come our way, and try harder to bring the freshest most exuberant stories every day. Moving forward and discovering different realms of experience is another secure item on our list, so stay tuned.

6. To have fun with it

It wouldn't make sense otherwise, really!