We can't quite wrap our minds on how this dude manages to be literally everywhere all the time! We thought we'd press pause and have Mekawy tell us a few things about how and why he does it..

1. Socialize and don't think too much about what people would think

I’ve always been so sociable and knew how to deal with different types of people; each with their own way, I try to read people. Taking part in so many things with all types of people helps me polish that quality even more.

I wouldn't think twice if an idea will require me to "embarrass" myself, I was once dared to take a shower in a fountain (in my boxers) somewhere in Madinet Nasr as part of a TV show we did last Ramadan, so imagine the reactions to that! It's an unexpected, different way to let people know who you are and what you're capable of doing.

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2. Plan & stay updated, but don't overdo it

I take life one day at a time. I don’t sleep much, I know it’s wrong but I also don’t like missing out on anything. Planning isn't part of how I do things, as sometimes I know about a certain event hours before it starts. I do plan for travels though, it would be impossible not to.

I like bouncing from one place to another, it’s a new hobby I picked up in recent years, it gives me great joy and an unparalleled sense of excitement, it also never fails to provide me with new experiences as well as new things to learn especially about myself.

Staying updated, is a major part of why I like having that lifestyle, it keeps me aware and in the loop.

3. Do something crazy every now and then

A phone company sent a bicycle to my house to take a (normal) picture with as part of a campaign they're launching. I was too lazy to take it to the street so I thought I'd play around with it a little.

I tried to hide my mom in a different room and asked my brother to go downstairs in order to take the picture.

I held the bicycle outside the balcony railing on the third floor (which I then discovered was not that stable). The doorman started yelling and screaming along with my grandmother, from the window right next to me. Don’t do this at home though!


4. Always be ready for the unexpected..

Being immersed in different, diverse cultures is both exciting as well as challenging since more often than not you can't really expect how a trip is going to turn out.

I never thought I'd lose so much weight while on a trip to India; there was no meat, and some of the cities didn't have chicken, so I only survived on vegetables and fruits. It still was a great experience I went to Mumbai, New Delhi, also Agra, Rishikesh, Malavi, and Aurangabad, they're on the wilder side of India.

As for what I pack when I'm on the go; I always make sure that I have 4-5 power banks, a go pro, the go-pro selfie stick, cables, memory cards and of course, a portable shisha!

5. Start your own business

I’m starting my own travelling business, company's called Travel Monkeys. I thought I'd put my love for travelling into practice. I’ve always wanted to work in that area, the idea is basically to do trips around Egypt first, then branch out and take it abroad.

I'm getting a lot of support from my friends and we’ll start with a trip to Dahab for four days on January 22 and another one to St Catherine in February; this one’s for the risk-takers. I thought that somehow we are monkeys, as we always jump around and do what we want as spontaneously as we can.

I want to allow myself to gain more experience, meet new people, do new stuff and gradually become more independent.

6. Set goals, personal & professional

One thing I'm hoping to commit to over the course of this new year is getting closer to God, and I don't mean just the basic stuff, although a lot of people gave up on those. I'd love to do more than that; I want to work on and improve myself as a person.

Make sure you're moving forward. Set goals, it's important to have something to pursue in mind, it will eventually introduce you to the right people.

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