There are things that we unconsciously feel the need to apologize for. Guilt is in the human nature, but to an extent, and then it’s unhealthy. Some things are alright and you shouldn’t feel the need to be sorry for them because sometimes all you need to do is adjust to those things.

1. Falling out of love:

You shouldn’t apologize for falling out of love and admitting it, it takes courage to admit and walk away instead of deceiving that person and hanging to a thin thread of hope that you’ll regain your feelings when you know you won’t. True feelings don’t temporary fade away.

2. Being upset over little things:

You know those who comfort you by saying ‘you’re luckier than most people, they have more serious issues than you do’. Yeah, don’t be that person who comforts people by reminding them of world hunger and cancer patients! You have the right to be upset over silly little things, you have the right to cry and let it all out and people don’t have the right to compare your little problems to others.

3. Not sharing the same feelings:

We have all encountered people who love us and we don’t, those who are willing to do anything for the sake of our happiness, and then come the guilt to tear us apart, and you start forcing yourself to fall in love with them but you just can’t force love. Hurting someone with the truth is better than deceiving them with lies.

4. Having your priorities set straight:

The older you get, the less you care about things that don’t add to your CV. Remember when you used to wait up for Thursday so you can hang out and partaayy? Now if you’re anything like me, you wait for Thursday to have a goodnight sleep instead! Don’t ever apologize for having your career first on your list of priorities and don’t ever let anyone underestimate what you do.

5. Preferring to be alone and liking it:

Enjoying solitary time doesn’t make you a loner, enjoying the company of your book more than people doesn’t make you a geek and sitting alone with your thoughts at lunch definitely doesn’t make you a social-awkward loser.

There are things that you can’t and will never be able to control, know those things and don’t ever apologize for them! Don’t apologize for what you feel or don’t feel.