As children, our parents have prevented us form plenty of delicious foods, mad actions or crazy situations we have dreamed of acting out day and night. These whims and tiny desires get buried under a pile of pretentious adulthood attitude. However, at a certain point – breaking point – in our adulthood, we give in to those subconscious whims and let them all out. So, we do not only do an inappropriate act but we exaggerate in it as well, due to a long period of dissatisfaction. To clarify matters, I'll list 8 examples of childish whims that we tend to fall for at the wrong age:

1. Binging

Chocolate, Candy, Pizza! Binging was off the list! giphy 50

2. Speeding

Anything on wheels; bicycles, rollers or cars! One simply could not speed up and pass 20 km/h. giphy 55

3. Pool-Fooling

No! Do not get in and out of pool! This is dangerous – “Kda tebrad!” You missed out on so many beautiful and magical “superman” jumps! giphy 90

4. Staying up late

Once I was 18, I considered myself an adult and spent so much useless effort on staying up late for merely tasting the freedom of “being up” all night. I misunderstood the fact that being up all night is solely cool when “you’re out” not boringly at home! giphy 99

5. Cursing

Yes! We were not allowed to curse or even express our anger in any indecent manner – hence we grow up to learn all the possible curses and use them as frequently as “I want to f***ing pee!” Why the curse here? No reason whatsoever other than one’s need to act out on his childish whim of adult-ing! giphy102

6. Yelling

Another example of the suppressed anger outlets while children, we grow to have loud noisy voice that satisfies our lack of yelling while young. We yell even at ourselves in the mirror for gaining weight! We are so screwed in our heads. giphy 89

7. Coffee

Having coffee as a forbidden element has increased, beautified and even emphasized the concept of “I need coffee to wake up” when we are adults! I swear to God if coffee was allowed when we were young, we wouldn't have cared about this smelly and shitty tasting tongue-swallowing drink! giphy 97

8. Smoking

We grew up watching movies and even parents smoking when nervous or angry. We believed that this is the “adult” way of handling problems. So, we grow up and look for any stress source, hang on to and justify our smoking by the fact “Khalas baa, keberna!” giphy 94 Hence, as you see with me, all the "BAD" adult habits are nothing but a bunch of unresolved childish needs that were not dealt with properly and were simply acted out in an accentuated manner at a later age.