Traveling is a blessing to the soul and body, and that’s why you should always make time for it. When you travel, you have to go through 8 stages that end up altering the way you feel about the trip.

Stage 1:

It all starts with that moment when you discover you’ll be able to travel, and it’s confirmed! PRAISE THE LORD! A whole chunk of emotions hit you, and you can’t wait for the second you’ll get out of the house! (Disclaimer: excitement does not include packing.)

giphy (68)

Stage 2:

You’ve arrived, and you start to make the best out of every penny you have paid. Room Service = SPAMMED! Excessive-jumping-on-the-so-soft-bed = DONE!

giphy (69)

Stage 3:

After the hotel room phase is over, you do one of 2 things. Either you ditch unpacking and indulge in the program you’ve planned, or you also ditch unpacking and just randomly wander in the streets of this untouched haven. I mean, unpacking?

giphy (70)

Stage 4:

You’re dazzled! You wander the streets like a kid encountering ice-cream for the first time. Bitter and exciting. Bitter because you wish you lived there, and sweet because you get to explore, and most importantly, have loads of fun discovering a big, welcoming city.

giphy (71)

Stage 5:

Half-way through your trip, you start to fall in love with the city and get the hang of things. At this point, you’ve excelled all underground lines and bus stops and taken selfies with every piece of art.

giphy (72)

Stage 6:

Your stay is almost over, and you still have half of the to-do/to-visit list unchecked. So, you decide to do everything at once. Your legs will probably curse you and you’ll end up sleeping anywhere. But hey, one’s gotta relish every second, yeah?

giphy (73)

Stage 7:

It’s time. You’re checking out, heading to the airport. Your emotions start driving you crazy, and you stare out of the taxi’s window holding on to every memory you’ve made there. You already miss it!  

giphy (76)

Stage 8:

In the plane, you start thinking of the good things that await your arrival. But who are we joking? As soon as you set foot out of the plane, your inner Ahmed Helmy pops up and you just start coughing. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming back to Egypt, but would appreciate a more welcoming atmosphere. Not one with people yelling “yala yabn el…” waiting for me to witness their fight (merci begad, raga3ooni tany)

giphy (75)

So try as hard as you can to cherish every minute of your trip anywhere, because you don’t get to do this a lot. Cease every chance of traveling and make memories worth remembering!

P.S. Good things will be waiting when you get home; food, right?