I have been struggling with my healthy 'ideal' weight for a while.

When I was an athlete I used to train day and night, but when I quit training, I replaced my dopamine workout with chocolate. As you know, chocolates are like workouts in one aspect: they both give you A LOT of happiness-hormones. So, instead of being happily fit I have become happily chubby.

One cannot complain, one is still happy. But I still prefer when I was happy and at a healthy weight than happy and at an unhealthy weight. Hahaha. Well, funny when I write it but not so funny when I wear it!

To cut the story short, I shall tell you the “crème” of my struggles during the past 10 years:

1.     When you diet, ACTUALLY DIET!

Do not go around talking about being healthy and eating healthy without actually applying what you are THINKING about extensively. I mean in this manner you lose your energy and you waste your will to actually diet over “wishing” to diet. It’s either you think and do it, or you don’t think at all. Dieting and eating healthy can be exhausting if you enjoy the occasional donut (or 15 of them), so let’s not make it harder by thinking about it and not feeling any results because you are not doing anything.

2.     When you diet, WORK OUT!

Working out while dieting has two major benefits. Dieting can put you through stress as you stop eating the foods you crave so your source of endorphins is lowered, hence your happiness and excitement levels are brought down as well. In counter effect, when you work out your endorphins are increased once more which prohibits your frustrations and temper tantrums. Another benefit is that once you work out, the diet results are emphasized and enhanced enormously, which again encourages you to stick to your plan and keep your body and mind healthy.

3.     When you diet, CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS!

Oui! It is true! Some friends are simply bad influences on you. Yes, diet is a personal choice that takes a lot of commitment and dedication. But that doesn’t mean that you throw yourself within a group of hell-eaters, and then wish to stick to a healthy diet. Non, when dieting choose the supportive healthy friends who can push you to stick to your plan and keep you on track. Not those who constantly try to get you off the wagon.

4.     When you diet, DO NOT STARVE!

I starved myself before for a month! I lost 13 kg! Then I gained them back in two weeks! BAD BAD BAD! In addition, starving seriously damages your body and mental health, never works on the long run. When you diet, do not starve yourself; on the contrary, eat regularly and keep yourself healthy and full in order to level up your metabolism. If you starve yourself, your body gets lazy and it does not burn any calories. Moreover, when you starve yourself you tend to rebound AGGRESSIVELY eating more than you would have eaten if you haven’t dieted at all.

5.     When you diet, GO SHOPPING!

Do not reward yourself with a cheat meal – in this manner you are emphasizing and rooting your bad eating habits even more. Non! Go for a shopping date and buy yourself plenty of new clothes that are now a size or two smaller than your old clothes. Feel your weight loss and celebrate it by getting yourself tighter and nicer outfits!

P.S. I am the writer of this article and I still do every single wrong thing I mentioned up there. I talk about dieting and never diet. And When I decide to diet, I am too lazy to work out. I mingle with the wrong friends; hence I always tend to drop my diet. And most importantly, when I stick to my diet for a week I cannot think about anything but how humongous and bad my cheat meal will be! What I am trying to say is that talking is easier than doing. Hence, I am passing on the advice I gained over the last decade of dieting and I hope that one-day you and I, we will be able to stick to them!