It's been a week and we still can't stop obsessing over how exceptionally glamorous everyone was. Along with an array of designs displayed throughout the whole night, something else caught our attention. We couldn't just ignore how young and aspiring students, lifestyle bloggers, and people with 9-5 jobs were able to prove their impeccable taste when it comes to fashion. So, we stalked and took photos of some of the best dressed people at the 5th season of Cairo Fashion Festival and asked them why they went for their distinctive looks!

1. Alia Mahdi

Alia Mahdi "I am a marketing student currently working as a makeup artist. I have always been a fashion enthusiast; for this CFF, I went for a simple chic look that was inspired by this year's monochrome theme."

2. Mayarisma

MAG_9712 "I m a retail store manager, brand influencer, and celebrity stylist. I've worked with many prominent brands as Karen Millen , River Island UK, Oysho, along with fashion retailing. I'm passionate about modeling and as a freelance model always targeting distinctive projects and superior talents."

3. Omar Tantawy

MAG_9737 "I’m a lifestyle blogger and a simple person who grew up with an appreciation for arts and culture. It naturally started influencing my everyday life; the way I put myself together and step outside is a side of me that I truly want to show people. It’s not about the brands – it’s about how you can make every day feel like it's a piece of art. As for my personal style, it's a combination of trendy and classic. I love mixing different styles and giving all my outfits a personal touch and in Cairo fashion festival I was inspired by the English fashion house."

4. Ranin El Gaby

MAG_9743 "I'm a Mass Comm student at the MIU, almost 22. I work as the Fashion Editor at Hashtags Magazine, and I'm an aspiring Fashion Blogger. For my CFF look, until the last minute I wasn't sure what to wear till Esmeralda Radwan saved the day with her skirt. My makeup was done by Aisha Taha."

5. Sandra Tarek

MAG_9764 "My look was inspired by my inner dark rock star! There’s something about black and leather that just speaks to my heart! I’m a fashion stylist/blogger and I obsess over the weirdest styles while being one myself, rock on!" Photography by Ahmed Ezz ElDin