If you are anything like us, then you know how important ice cream is for existence. Some can go so far as to think it is one of the wonders of the world. Its ability to make anything and everything that's bothering you go ago away is mind-boggling! Thus, we present to you Khadija El Sharawy's guide for all the ice cream stops in Cairo to fill your cravings forever and to aid you in those times of ice cream need!




Absolutely incredible! Right? An ice cream lover, El Sharawi took it upon herself to put our miseries to end through her thorough guide to Cairo's best ice cream stops. What started off as a university assignment for this applied arts student will sure turn into every ice cream lovers dream!

"The task was to create a visual infographic that delivers useful information about any topic we want. So I went for ice cream because I know I love it and everybody loves ice cream (and whoever doesn't deserves to die). I thought how can I make a chart about ice cream that's useful, so I thought of colours, illustrations, price and place. I called up all the ice cream stores to get information from them and did a few surveys on people. The map I thought was a nice touch and easy to navigate to find where the ice cream stores are easily. It took longer than expected though cause the design needed to be consistent and straightforward but also colourful and jumpy," El Sharawy said.

To contact Khadija El Sharawy, you can reach her at Khadijasharawy@gmail.com