As we scroll down our Instagram feed or our Facebook timeline, it is clear that certain comments seem to repeatedly pop up. The reason behind this seems to be that numerous poor souls develop similar social media personalities that leave them classified into the following:

1. The fan-girl\boy:

That one fraught teenager frantically commenting on all her favorite musician’s Instagram pictures hoping she\he will be mentioned back. You see the thousands of “LBs” and “Firsts” ALL over Kylie Jenner’s pictures. Do you actually think that artist has the time to go through her/his Instagram comments and THEN like back (LB)? And why does it even mean if you’re “first?”

giphy (1)

2. The overly attached best friend:

 A group of girls post a picture on Instagram and immediately you find that one girl who feels left out and comments, “wi7sha without me,” “na2sa haga,” “aren’t you forgetting something?” They obviously aren’t if they took the picture without you! So please don’t be so defensive, it’s not like they didn’t invite you to the party, they just waited till you left to take the picture.

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3. The unaccredited photographer:

 That one person that so desperately holds on to the fact that they took that gorgeous picture that’s receiving 80 likes. “Photo credssss,” or the more annoying, “Who’s the genius who took this picture?” How will it impact anyone when they find out you’re the mastermind behind that group picture? It’s not even a shot of the sunset or some sight that needs artistic capabilities to be captured.

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4. The too many emojis and EMOTIONS:

“Amara,” “fire emoji X 1000,” and “a7la wahda” leave me skeptic as to how sincere the commenters really are. Ya benti we all know you don’t really mean it and hope my eyelashes burn and my freckles fall off, so please enough with the insincere adjectives.

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5. The determined stalker:

That one person that DOES NOT leave your profile alone. A new picture of you at The Eiffel Tower: “eda you’re in Paris? I’m in Paris!” When there isn’t a single picture where they haven’t commented, and when you purposely ignore them and they still don’t get the message! “Call me ya amar I miss you,” I promise I won’t call even if you copy/paste that exact comment on 10 different pictures of me.

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6. The bro:

That one guy that only has the word ‘bro’ in his vocabulary. “Wa7eshny ya broooo,” “where have you been ya bro?” When his captions are, “brobeans,” “bromance,”  khalaaas kefayaaaaa!!

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