We all know the students of certain diplomas have debates on who is more mas7oul. It’s almost as if the plus side of taking on hard programs is that you think you have the right to complain. The problem is when you compete to be the most mas7oul, as if #1 anyone really cares and #2 you feel better knowing everyone knows how difficult your academics are. Since we are sick of all the complaining, we are investigating exactly which diploma we will accept moans and cries from; thus, granting only students of that diploma the right to explain how mas7ouleen they are.

The IB

Let’s start with IB. The International Baccalaureate is a program offered worldwide where students are required to take a minimum of 3 high level courses and a maximum of 3 standard level courses for two years. At the end of the two years students take comprehensive exams for each subject; with each subject’s exam divided into different papers. Each paper takes roughly 1 hour and a half to complete, the time varying with each subject. IB students must write an Internal Assessment or essay for each course. Additionally, a class named Theory of Knowledge is required with its own presentation and essay. An Extended Essay is also a must, where students pick a topic and write a 4,000-word essay on it. Moreover, a program named CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) must be completed throughout the two years, where students engage in creative, active, and service related activities as well as a final project that encompasses two of the CAS elements. IB is known for its heavy workload, the screams from the classroom and the tears on the exam paper. Students are expected to bid farewell to their non-IB peers at the start of each year since having breakfast at Starbucks is no longer an option when you’re sleep deprived and that extra 2 minutes of sleep do matter. Keeping up with CAS, your grades, and your social life is hard, when the free time you have should go towards CAS hours and not that manicure you desperately need. IB students are the zombies you see slouching on their desks and leaving class the second the bell rings.


The French educational system is no joke, similar to IB, BAC is a two year program where students take classes that fall under four sections; scientific, literary, economic/social sciences, and technological. The program is heavily dependent on analysis and writing, and the problem here is the workload AND the difficulty of the curriculum. BAC students completely disappear when it’s time for their exams, because unfortunately their grade is completely based on the exam. Unlike IB, there are no other assessments to save you from the horrifying exam. The comprehensive exam comes at the end of the program and that piece of paper is what you’ll have to show for your two years of heartache. So much relies on each and every final exam for your classes; the pressure of it all is what gets you! Thankfully, time management is not a problem as academic learning is the priority for BAC students as they’re not required to do any extra-curricular activities. Nevertheless, the courses and their content surpass any level of difficulty non-BAC students can imagine.


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. Oh American Diploma, how lovely it is to be able to go out every day? Or go to school with an empty backpack? Ok, it’s not that loose, but it’s where you can easily sleep at 9pm every day without a single worry. AD is where you can pretty much pick your courses, making sure you take the required credits.You’re fully free to expand your creativity by taking theater, choir and jazz. The American Diploma differs from school to school; nevertheless, you don’t really hear AD students complain from ‘workload’ or ‘stress.’ You’ll also never hear the sentence ‘Ana metsawa7 awi fe this assignment,’ from an AD student, because let’s be honest your assignments will never have you screaming into a pillow. American Diploma students have the usual assignments, ranging from projects to essays, quizzes, and tests. Test times and formats depend on the teacher, but very few comprehensive exams are issued. The American Diploma life is the life to live, easygoing and stress free.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, created by the British is a three-year program divided into two levels; the Ordinary Level and the Advanced Level. O-Levels consist of a minimum of 4 courses, and A-Levels usually consist of 3 courses. However, it is important to mention that A-Levels are not mandatory, and the student also has the option of taking only 1 A-Level course. Additionally, there are different examination times and students have the opportunity to repeat the course in the second examination period to improve their grades. Nonetheless, IG students describe the program as pure exile from the world of fun, proving to us that IG is intensely time consuming, but we don’t hear much complaints regarding the difficulty of the courses and exams.


We have concluded that IB students can cry as much as they can about their workload, yet BAC students can whine as much as they want about the difficulty of their curriculum! The other diploma holders might have it hard, but not as hard as these poor souls do. We'd love to know what you think too.. Comment and tell us!