Weltformat is a design collective founded in Lucerne, Switzerland by a group of graphic designers and has been working to expose the poster industry and trends in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria since their launch in 2009. Weltformat works to promote the poster medium and hopes to provide design students and enthusiasts in Cairo with a hands on experience in the field through their exhibition in the capital.

Weltformat Cairo Weltformat Cairo

The Weltformat association has previously organised a number of exhibitions around the world; 100 best Posters 2015 from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Klaus Staeck: Nothing is settled!, The Moving Poster, Typographical Swiss Posters (from the 1930s to today), Swiss Graphic Design in China, and Swiss Style Now, as well as their most recent one at 41 Cooper Union Gallery in New York.

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The two-week exhibition in Cairo aims to revive the vibrant visual trends that coexist in the city through presenting 130 posters done by local and international designers, including pieces by emerging artists.

It is also hoping to expose graphic designers in Cairo to international trends and printing techniques through workshops, talks, and a public lecture about the craft.


The exhibition, which is brought by Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, runs until Wednesday, March 8 at the Cinema Radio Courtyard, Downtown, Cairo.

Check the Weltformat in Cairo event page on Facebook for more!