By: Engy Mohamed For the past few days and ever since Lionel Messi’s much anticipated visit to Cairo, various social media influencers have been posting photos of themselves on Instagram with the hashtag #StopTheWait. The campaign works as a show of support for Tour n’ Cure’s Hepatitis C initiative, which aims to raise awareness of and put an end to the rampant disease, promising that “for every 1,000 supporters to the #StopTheWait cause, Tour n’ Cure will provide free treatment to one patient,” according to the Tour n’ Cure website. Here are some of the influencers who posed in solidarity with the Tour n’ Cure campaign…

Nourhanne Eissa: Lifestyle Blogger

Yara El Gendy: NileFM and Nogoum FM Radio Presenter

Huda El Mufti: Model & Fashion Blogger

Time to cure the world from hepatitis C @tourncure #stopthewait Production by: @doubletroubleent Photographer: @mahmoudattallah

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Mohanad Attar: Actor and Entertainer

Noha Elsherbiny: Lifestyle Social Media Influencer and Owner of Teela Designs

Samir Reda: Entertainer

Sherine Hamdy: Presenter of “Ana Wi Heya” Show

Mohamed Mekawy, Mohamed Yasin, Nurhan Abu Bakr, Ahmed Shafik and more…

Learn more about Tour n’ Cure’s Campaign here!

Production: @doubletroubleent

Photographer: @mahmoudattallah