Nike Women released an ad tackling one of the region’s most crippling beliefs: what other people would think.

While making a personal decision is usually a one-man-task, it's not the case for many in the Middle East as they find themselves surrounded by a slew of people providing endless opinions. Other people's perception of someone else’s life choices remains an obstacle that millions of women in the region still need to overcome.

Entering a male-dominated field is no different. Women who chose any of the sports mentioned in the video were usually subjected to ridicule for not being in touch with their feminine side or pursuing a more “suitable” sport. However, in recent years, we’ve witnessed a shift as more Arab females are not only taking part in sports like soccer, taekwondo, boxing, and fencing but also representing other women in international competitions. 

The ad, which features a number of Middle Eastern women of different ages and backgrounds, is aiming to turn things around, get rid of that stereotype, and ultimately inspire people to be more encouraging of women who are passionate about a different path.