Another Egyptian woman is making aviation history and following the steps of Egypt’s Lotfia El Nadi, the first African and Arab woman pilot (1933).

In an interview with, Magda Malek, daughter of Malek Adli, former head of the Egyptian pilots’ syndicate, talked about how she initially failed her first test at Egypt Air but went on and applied again until she passed in 2008 and got hired by the company.

Malek, who graduated from an aviation academy, is praised for being the first Egyptian woman to pilot the company’s biggest plane,  the jet airliner Boeing 777-333 with 3,400 hours of flying experience under her belt.

The list of other remarkable Egyptian women aviators includes captains Nerin Salem, of Air Arabia Egypt, Heba Darwish, and Miral Enaba, who said “Just believe in yourself and know that you are a lot stronger than you think you are,” in an interview with a year ago.

Malek is hoping that her achievements could stand as proof that women in Egypt are capable of penetrating all previously male dominated fields and reach their goals as long as they remain persistent.