By: Nayra Ismail Being single on Valentine’s Day means that you belong in one of two categories; the happy-to-be-single, or the I-can’t-stand-the-sight-of-one-more-couple. Lucky for you, we came up with a list of dos and don’ts that works for both and will add to your “single on Valentine’s Day” plans…

DO: Good ol’ “treat yo self”

We understand that it’s definitely not the most original thing to do, but chances are it’s one of the best. Spend a little more on yourself and buy something nice. You don’t need a man/woman to get you gifts when you’re perfectly capable of doing that yourself. Basically show yourself some lovin’ too, it will give you a sense of confidence and empowerment, and practically guarantees that you’ll have a sweet, happy Valentine’s, regardless of your relationship status! tys  

DON’T: Go to the movie theater

It’s a jungle of swoony, red-dressed couples in there! Do yourself a favor and steer clear of movie theater because seeing couples all over each other on that specific day will either bring the wallowing, the envy or the overwhelming hate forward, and that’s in the best case scenario. don't

DO: Catch up on time with family & friends

Spending Valentine’s Day with your loved ones doesn’t always mean spending it with your significant other, you could very well spend it watching a movie with the people who truly love you no matter what. ff

DON’T: Keep tabs on anyone on social media

Social media (Facebook and Instagram, to be more specific) are filled with two types of people on Valentine’s Day; either V-Day haters, or the other, more harsh type, the couples! People will either be talking about how amazing their Valentine’s was, and posting pictures of their dates and gifts left and right, or they’ll be whining about how stupid and corny this day is, which just really is the negativity we’re trying to avoid. sm

DO: Binge-watch

It’s healthier than you think actually! If you’re looking for a distraction, then watching movies or TV shows is definitely the way to go. Just remember to go for something either light and airy like Friends, empowering like How To Be Single, or suspenseful like Supernatural. Whatever you do, pivot when it comes to romantic or sad movies, no more tears needed thank you! Take a look at our Guide to All The Movies You Should Watch on Valentine’s Day! tv

DON’T: Text your ex

I know it gets tempting and sometimes the festivities tend to remind you of your old flame, but getting in touch with them could lead to serious, unnecessary damage later on. Just remember this little piece of sage advice no matter how bad it gets on Valentine’s Day. ex

DO: Throw a sleepover

Rally your single friends and have a party or a sleepover, go all Leslie Knope and have a Galentine’s Day instead. Being surrounded by your friends and doing things that you enjoy together is a definite way to bring in the positivity! so