Argentinean football phenomenon, Lionel Messi, is set to visit Cairo next Wednesday to attend the fundraising event organized by Tour n’ Cure.

The Tour n’ Cure program aims to be the gateway for medical tourism in Egypt by allowing Hepatitis C patients from all over the world to get the required treatment, visit Egyptian landmarks and stay in its most luxurious hotels for a tenth of the global cost.

On E’s Amr Adib announced during his show Kol Youm that the Barcelona forward will visit some of Cairo’s most remarkable monuments as part of his 1-day visit.

Throughout a lengthy phone call, engineer and Chairman of Prime Group, Tamer Wagih Salem explained the details of the visit to Adib as well as the role of Tour n’ Cure in making Egypt the ultimate destination for Hepatitis C patients around the world.

Back in October, professor at the National Liver Centre and medical consultant for the independent centre Right to Medicine, Mohamed Ezz El Arab, told Daily News that “At present, the infection rate is estimated to be 12% even though there is no official documentation on the number of patients,” while it should be 1% or less in order for Egypt to reach its national goal and eradicate the disease by 2018.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated on their website that “80% of people in need still face challenges. Among middle-income countries, the price for a three-month treatment of sofosbuvir and daclatasvir varies greatly,” which makes this event all the more significant as it’s creating the right buzz around the topic and raising awareness so people can extend a helping hand to those who need it.