By: Malak Sekaly “Did your life flash before your eyes?” No it did not.   The question we’ve heard a million times, and never think of being asked. What happens when you go through a near-death experience? Everyone generally has their own answer, along with their own story and experience. Here is mine. I won’t say it was a regular day because from the start it was not. The first event that foreshadowed later events was a small collision I had with another car in an intersection on my way home from university. Thankfully, it was just a scratch and I continued my day as usual. I went home, discovered a new catchy song, had lunch and took off to ballet class. Class went well and so did the drive back home. Driving down the road, my newly discovered favorite song was playing. Oh, how lucky I felt at that exact moment. I then ticked the right signal, checked my mirrors and went for it. In that second I was tossed across the road, swerved 360 degrees, leaving my face at the cars heading towards me. I was placed in a truck’s path that ultimately slammed into me. Broken glass, inflated airbags, and pain. Immense pain. Thankfully no broken bones, concussions or blood, I was fine. With the radio still on and the song still playing, I was alone in a crashed car on the highway. Regardless of the details, what surprised me was my life did not flash before my eyes. I didn’t picture my loved ones or my past birthdays or anything. While it was all happening I felt as though I was a bystander on that road, seeing it all take place. I was both in my body, feeling every punch, bang and smack against air bags and the car door, and outside my body seeing myself being knocked around. I can in full detail explain how the car swerved, stopped and the exact expressions on my face, yet I am not sure of what happened to begin with. It was as if I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy to be exact; the crash, the hospital visit, the x-rays, the nonstop cries. Till today I can close my eyes and see the episode from start to end.

About The Author

Malak Sekaly

I am a sophomore at The American University in Cairo. An advocate of human rights, I aim to spread awareness on universal issues through my writing. A ballerina, environmentalist, and hypochondriac with OCD, I plan to give voice to those who are silenced. I am not dramatic per say, just an emotional mess cursed with severe overthinking. My points of interest range from the ongoing global calamities to TBS’ new Nutella croissant. My favorite possessions are my neatly arranged novels, and my chewing gum drawer. Resisting my wanderlust is a struggle as Cairo continues to engulf me.