Being creative poses a series of endless challenges; from doubting your own talent to figuring out ways to turn what you love into a stable job. However, having the right people by your side is one aspect that can easily get lost in the mix. The type of people you choose to surround yourself with can have a huge impact on your progress and general attitude towards your goal. Here's what you need to look for...  

1. The honest kind

Surround yourself with honest people who will tell you if your work is truly shit or if it's just in your insecure head. giphy(227)

2. Brainstorming buddies

They’re the ones who are willing to give up time and energy in order to help you become more productive #keepers helps

3. Someone like you

Look for people who have their own passions, dreams, and ambitions so that you can draw strength from them and them from you. They're looking to express themselves just as much as you are. giphy(281)

4. People with different backgrounds

People who share different beliefs and are from different cultures can help your creativity to be subjected to new things and expand your horizons. limit

5. The crazy kind!

Who would go with whatever idea you have in mind... idea

6. The Appreciators

They can share your passions even if they're not talented themselves, it feels good to have people admire your work and appreciate it. appreciators

7. Avoid the wannabe realists

People who tell you that your dreams are not realistic and that you should consider a more stable job. Because if you look closely, you’ll realize that a lot of them blindly follow societal norms. Listen, analyze, and plan. wannabe